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The Best 1:12 Action Figures

Since their initial release, Mezco ONE:12 Collective action figures have held a special place in the heart of collectors. Affordable prices, wide selections, great articulation and amazing design have lead to these figures becoming a staple in the collectible world.

You can find information on every ONE:12 Collective property and figure that has been released. You can also sign up for our email list and receive a checklist you can use to keep track of your collection!

Image Credit: Manu Más Fotógrafo via Flickr

Mezco ONE:12 Collective Properties


Featuring the most popular characters from the Marvel Universe.

DC Universe

Featuring the most popular characters from the DC Universe.

Judge Dredd

Featuring the most popular characters from the Judge Dredd.


Featuring the most popular characters from Ghostbusters.

Evil Dead 2

Featuring the most popular characters from Evil Dead 2.

A Clockwork Orange

Featuring the most popular characters from A Clockwork Orange.


Featuring the most popular characters from Halloween.

Dawn of the Dead

Featuring the most popular characters from The Dawn Of The Dead.


Featuring the most popular characters from Popeye.

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Cable – 1990’s Costume

The X-Men Cable 1990's Costume One:12 Collective Action Figure - Previews Exclusive features a light-up function that illuminates his techno-organic eye in both his included head sculpts. The telekinetic mutant features a detailed cybernetic arm and is outfitted in a...

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John Stewart – The Green Lantern

Intergalactic guardian of Sector 2814, John Stewart, is presented in his Green Lantern Corps uniform - intricately detailed and featuring a 3D chest insignia. Included is a real light-up Power Battery lantern as used by the Green Lantern Corps to recharge their power...

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Michael Myers – Halloween

The One:12 Collective Michael Myers Halloween figure features a film accurate sculpt and coveralls as well as an alternate head with affixed ghost sheet and glasses to recreate the infamous “mistaken identity” scene in the film. The figure also comes equipped with...

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Batman Beyond

The One:12 Collective ‘Dark Knight of Tomorrow’ abandons the definitive black and gray Batsuit for an all-black, high tech scheme, punctuated by a bright red bat symbol on the chest. Batman Beyond comes complete with two head portraits, his signature red wings,...

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Punisher: Special Ops Edition

The One:12 Collective Punisher: Special Ops Edition shows the intensity of Frank Castle’s character THE ONE:12 COLLECTIVE PUNISHER FIGURE FEATURES: One:12 Collective body with over 32 points of articulation Three (3) head portraits Hand painted authentic detailing...

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Mezco ONE:12 Collective at New York Comic Con

Mezco unveiled some of their newer figures at New York Comic Con 2018. The 5 Ronin version of Wolverine made it's first public appearance (and quickly sold out). Also making it's first appearance was this amazing Ghost Rider seen below. No mention of pricing, but you...

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Daredevil PX Previews Exclusive

A Previews Exclusive! Features 32 points of articulation, lots of accessories, and interchangeable hands and heads! A great addition to the Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective action figure line! Mezco Toys brings to life the heroic Daredevil with this Daredevil Yellow...

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