Batman Beyond


The One:12 Collective ‘Dark Knight of Tomorrow’ abandons the definitive black and gray Batsuit for an all-black, high tech scheme, punctuated by a bright red bat symbol on the chest. Batman Beyond comes complete with two head portraits, his signature red wings, batarangs, and booster jet effects that create dynamic flying poses.


  • One:12 Collective body with over 28 points of articulation
  • Two (2) head portraits
  • Hand painted authentic detailing
  • Approximately 17cm tall
  • Six (6) interchangeable hands
    • One (1) pair of fists (L&R)
    • One (1) pair of batarang holding hands (L&R)
    • One (1) pair of posing hands (L&R)


  • 3D chest insignia
  • Fitted tech-suit with body armor detail
  • Claw gloves
  • Utility belt
  • Stealth boots with flight rockets


  • One (1) backpack
  • One (1) backpack with deployed wings
  • Two (2) booster jet FX
  • Three (3) batarangs

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Here are some popular reviews

What The Fwoosh Website says about the ONE:12 Exclusive Batman Beyond Figure

The ever-elusive future is finally upon us.

It seems like that not-so-distant tomorrow has gone from the gleaming utopia of the 1950s outlook to a permanent “Blade Runner” mix of technology gone awry in the ruins of decaying society. But, with each subsequent future’s darker, edgier raising of the stakes, the heroes of that future get meaner and cooler looking.

Obviously that has been true for Batman Beyond for almost a couple decades now. The Gotham of the future doesn’t look like a dystopia, but under that shiny glass and space age polymer is the same old ugly, just smarter and more efficient. So the Batman of that future emulates his element: clean and streamlined black and red, with some silver, a simple design that hides a whole lot of power and hardware. It’s been one of the best received new looks for a character of all time, and it’s less-is-more approach, like Spider’s black suit, is likely a big factor.

But in toy form, that kind of streamlining isn’t quite the same silver bullet it is in media. Where a costume that hides it’s techy details works fantastically in animation or comics, in a figure that just means another heroic build with a costume literally spray-painted on it. And hey, it does work in the sense of accuracy to the material.  And in the case of a suit like Spidey’s, it makes sense- even as the symbiote, the costume is coating the wearer like a second skin. But the advanced suit that Bruce hands to Terry isn’t just a black bodysuit. It’s decades of Bat-tech condensed into something that, for the sake of adaptation, just looks like a skin-tight superhero costume.

So Mezco approached their take on the character with an intention to make some of that tech show through, without losing all of that streamlined charm. And while the vinyl applications seem to cause major heartburn to some in this line (yeah, I still read the boards once in a while), it’s never been a problem for me. Because outside of the movie figures and the inaugural figure, One:12 Collective has never been about direct translations of certain depictions of a character: it’s those characters and depictions through the lens of a Mezco design.

But when that design is somewhat known for its simplicity, that can make for some tough optics. Luckily in this case, I think they nailed it.

The Beyond suit’s base material is a matte black with a little texture to it- very different from the kind on other stretchy uniforms. The vinyl details are done in a gloss, and they are a mix of tech details and almost muscle lines. And the result very cleverly mimics the way Batman’s suit would pick up highlights in the cartoon. This is easily one of the neatest designs Mezco has done yet; it’s intricate but feels well balanced. And while the plastic gloves and boots are a definite deviation from the one-piece look on screen, they too are partitioned in ways to make them feel less like an actual glove or boot, and more just a segment of the overall suit.

The base body isn’t quite as nimble as the incredible one on the black suit Spidey, but it is close. The build fits in between that one and Ascending Knight in terms of size and poseability, and that feels appropriate.  I like in particular how Terry is a smaller build, but not at all the teenager-esque look he sometimes gets in the comics- it’s been a long time since 1989, nobody’s buying a five-nine, buck-fifty guy as Batman, even if nobody’s seen the guy in a decade.

The accessories are fantastic- the batarangs have some really crisp paint details, the alternate head and hands, especially those claws, make for tons of personality. The blast effects do the job, if not overly remarkable,but thanks to those wings, they don’t have to be.

And those wings pop into a panel on Batman’s back once you remove a small cover. The “backpack” looks like a convincing place to store those wings on its own, but all the dynamic presence this figure already has gets a major amp up once you pop them in. I like the matted red on the inside of them- it does much the same job the two-tone capes do for the other batsuits.

I sincerely hope you guys ordered one of these already if you were interested. He is easily one of the most visually impressive as well as just stupid fun to play with figure this line has done yet, and with the figures that have come out this year, that is no damn faint praise. Thanks to Mezco for helping me get this one!

SOURCE: The Fwoosh

What The Captain Toy Website says about the ONE:12 Collective Batman Beyond

Overall Average Rating: 3.5 out of 4

Batman Beyond One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco Toyz


I’ve been running this site for almost 18 years now. That’s a long time, and while some things have remained the same, others have changed drastically within the industry. Before I started this site, I reviewed figures in posts to places like, and participated with other early toy websites, but it was kicking off my own site that took my hobby to a different level of insanity.

I bring this up because the subject of tonight’s review – Batman Beyond – was the subject of the very first review I wrote for Way back in February of 2001, I reviewed the DC 9″ Batman Beyond, a 1/8 scale figure with a cloth costume and wings, and tonight I’m looking at a 1/12 scale figure with cloth costume and wings (removable this time). It’s the toy version of the circle of life.

This guy is part of the One:12 Collective by Mezco. He was a Mezco Online store exclusive when originally solicited, and cost $85. You can still get on the wait list, but the secondary market is your best bet now.

Batman Beyond One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco Toyz

Packaging – ***1/2

The sturdy box isn’t quite as cool as the tins we see with the PX exclusives, but it’s still well made.  I also like the design, and the red and black color combo is very eye catching. They’ve included the store exclusive sticker on the front, and there’s a brief instruction sheet inside for the wings.  And of course, it’s all collector friendly.

Batman Beyond One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco Toyz

Sculpting – ***1/2

It’s important to remember that the One:12 Collective DC and Marvel figures that are NOT movie based are designed by Mezco in their own unique style. They often incorporate various past aspects of a character, but they don’t try to match any specific past design exactly, and there’s a ton of their influence on the look.

Such is the case here, where Terry McGinnis gets a make over. Like several of their other Batman creations, this version is has a more military tech look to the suit and cowl. There are two portraits of course – this is the One:12 Collective after all – with the first looking calm and determined, and the second more aggressive. They swap easily, and both options look great.

However, I’m a little torn on the tech look.  The sculpted lines in the cowls are nicely done, but they give off a very robot/cyborg vibe. While it provides more detail and visual pop than an all smooth look, it doesn’t appeal to me as much. Perhaps it will grow on me over time.

The sculpted hands look great, especially the ‘claw’ versions, and the three dimensional symbol on his chest is a highlight of the entire look. He stands about 6 1/2″ tall, fitting in properly with the rest of the line.

Batman Beyond One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco Toyz

Paint – ****

Most of the figure is black, so there’s not a ton of paint operations. But those few critical operations are clean and sharp.

That’s particularly true of the white eyes on both portraits, and the white teeth on the open mouth of the second head sculpt. Combine how difficult white on black is (good, consistent coverage is really difficult) with the size of these details, and you get some idea of the quality of this paint job.

The other area that’s really impressive is the red metallic chest symbol. Again, it’s super clean and consistent, and the highly reflective surface looks great.  I’d love a 68 pony Mustang in this color. Or a 72 Stingray Corvette.

I will say there are a few blips on the gray pouches on the belt. You have to look pretty close to find them, and for me the work on the other key areas over comes these small nits, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it.

Batman Beyond One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco Toyz

Articulation – ***1/2

The underlying body works well, with little restriction from the stretchy suit.

The ball jointed neck isn’t quite as mobile this time, however.  You can get some good tilt and lean where the head attaches to the neck, but the neck itself doesn’t move a whole lot where it enters the torso.

The arms can take natural poses, and the hands swap easily without fear of breakage. They stay in place while posing, and the gauntlets don’t block the wrists.

The suit does tie up the hips a bit, but the knees and ankles still have a good range of movement, and you can get some side to side rocker motion in the feet.

Almost as important as the neck for realistic poses, the torso can turn and bend side to side and forward and back. It makes crouches and flying poses all the more fluid and clean.

Batman Beyond One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco Toyz

Accessories – ***1/2

I already mentioned the second portrait in the Sculpt and Paint sections, but it’s a big part of this score as well. A huge draw for me with this series is the alternate heads, and at this price point, they’re a necessity.

He also has several swappable hands. He comes wearing fists, and there are tight grips and wide claws to replace them. They swap easily, but they didn’t pop off when I was posing the arms and hands.

His back pack can be swapped for the open wings, which are made from a very strong, very sturdy plastic. There’s no chance these will wilt or droop over time, even if you live in Death Valley. The cover on the backpack pops off easily, and the wings snap in place.

He has three batarangs, which closely match the look from the show and comics. The red highlights on the edges look great, and the scale is excellent.

To work with the wings and any flying poses, he has two ‘blast effects’ which attach to the bottom of his feet. The translucent color looks great, and they fit tightly in the holes on his soles.

Finally, there’s the standard One:12 display stand with character logo and flying support rod. You can also use a simple foot peg for standing poses, a much better look than going with a waist grabber.

Batman Beyond One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco Toyz

Batman Beyond One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco Toyz

Outfit – **1/2

This outfit could have been at least another full star higher if not for two issues.

The look of the attached circuit pattern in the smoother material is great, and the black on black color is my preferred combination. It’s still obvious, thanks to the difference in finish, but it isn’t so obvious as to distract.

The quality of the materials is great, and the way the backpack converts to the wings is a simple yet effective method. The belt is a little tight, which means it rides up his hips in any deeper stances, but that’s a minor and fairly common issue with the line. It does exacerbate one of the other issues, however. More on that in a minute.

My favorite aspect of the overall costume is the 3-D logo on his chest. They’ve wrapped it around the underlying anatomy so the edges don’t stick up, and the sculpt, in combination with the paint job, looks fantastic.

The first of my two issues is related to the crotch. We have a bit of the sagging effect again, something that was a problem with the early figures but was corrected with later releases. When he’s standing straight up, there’s no issue, but as you start to deepen and widen the stance, the crotch tends to look awfully low. It’s not as bad as the earliest figures, but I’m hoping we don’t see it become a consistent problem again. The fact that the tight belt tends to ride high on the hips hurts too, since it makes the distance from the waist to the bottom of the crotch seem longer than it really is.

The other issue is with the seams in the armpits. Along the side of the torso and through the pit, the stitching is pretty wide, allowing the material to bunch up in some odd ways in certain poses. They aren’t missing or pulled, just wide. It bugged me though, and was enough to pull down an otherwise great outfit score.

Batman Beyond One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco Toyz

Fun Factor – ***1/2

You’ll have no trouble posing and re-posing this guy. He makes for a good exclusive too, as a character that won’t be as universally loved as some of the more traditional Bat choices.

Batman Beyond One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco Toyz

Value – **1/2

I almost dropped a half star here, but the exclusivity does help drive the $85 price tag. I expect we’ll see most regular releases remain in the $80 range, although some of those with light up features (like the upcoming Iron Man and Cyclops) will run higher.

Batman Beyond One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco Toyz

Things to Watch Out For –

The tips of the gauntlets and batarangs are REALLY sharp. Be careful handling them, and don’t put any pressure on them that could cause them to snap.

Overall – ***1/2
I do have a couple issues with the costume, although they aren’t extreme. In hand, both were less obvious than in macro photos, but they were both areas that I expect improvements on at this price point.

Still, the rest of the categories were all extremely nice. I don’t love some of the design choices – he’s a little more robot than I’d prefer – but I can’t argue with the quality of the sculpt and paint work. He’s certainly a massive improvement over the figure I reviewed 18 years ago…as you’d certainly hope!

Score Recap (out of ****):
Packaging – ***1/2
Sculpting – ***1/2
Paint – ****
Articulation – ***1/2
Accessories – ***1/2
Outfit – **1/2
Fun Factor – ***1/2
Value – **1/2
Overall – ***1/2

Batman Beyond One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco Toyz

SOURCE: Captain Toy

What The ToyHypeUSA Website says about the SDCC 2018 Exclusive Batman Beyond Figure

Mezco Toyz SDCC 2018 Exclusive Batman Beyond One:12 Collective Figure Review

The One:12 Collective ‘Dark Knight of Tomorrow’ abandons the definitive black and gray Batsuit for an all-black, high tech scheme, punctuated by a bright red bat symbol on the chest. Batman Beyond comes complete with two head portraits, his signature red wings, batarangs, and booster jet effects that create dynamic flying poses.

Terry McGinnis, a young athletic student, assumes the mantle as Batman after Bruce Wayne’s health begins to deteriorate. Tutored by Bruce and aided by a new high-tech suit that augments his abilities, Terry continues to defend Gotham as crime and corruption rear their ugly heads once again.


  • One:12 Collective body with over 28 points of articulation
  • Two (2) head portraits
  • Hand painted authentic detailing
  • Approximately 17cm tall
  • Six (6) interchangeable hands
    • One (1) pair of fists (L&R)
    • One (1) pair of batarang holding hands (L&R)
    • One (1) pair of posing hands (L&R)


  • 3D chest insignia
  • Fitted tech-suit with body armor detail
  • Retracting claw gloves
  • Utility belt
  • Stealth boots with flight rockets


  • One (1) backpack
  • One (1) backpack with deployed wings
  • Two (2) booster jet FX
  • Three (3) batarangs

Each One:12 Collective Batman Beyond figure is packaged in a collector friendly box, designed with collectors in mind.

Availability: San Diego Comic-Con – July 2018

Batman Beyond is a home run for Mezco, as well as fans that attended San Diego Comic-Con and for the lucky ones that were able to obtain him either at the show, or online pre-orders. If not, your only option is eBay as he’s sold out. The figure is simply incredible, and fans and Mezco One:12 Collective Collectors will know the pure level of detail that has been going into these figures, and Batman Beyond is a great example of how good One:12 really is.


The figure comes loaded with sculpt details and fabric goods, like a lot, including some incredible line work on top of line work, and the overall result is simply stunning. The head sculpts are made of plastic, and has line work on the helmet, pointy and sharp bat ears, and he comes with two different heads – a closed mouth, and a grinning mouth. The batsuit itself covering his chest, arms and legs are made of fabric, and sculpted over the fabric are detailed lines that glow and stands out nicely. Sculpted over his chest is the Batman Beyond logo, which is in a metallic red and brights and shines. The forearms and hands are made of plastic, and features some great line work themselves as well as retracting claw gloves (these are sharp) on the bottom of the forearms. Around his waist is his utility belt that is made of plastic, and is painted in light and dark grey, with a red button in the circular part in front. His boots are made of plastic, and have the detailed line work as well.

The backpack on his back, which can be removed to replace it with his wings. The wings are made of plastic, and include detailed sculpted and paint applications, including red on the front with black trim, and black on the back with sculpted details at the center of it. The edges of the wings are sharp, so this is definitely not for kids.

Also included with Batman Beyond are three batarangs, three pairs of interchangeable hands (fists, batarang holding hands, and posing claw hands), and two booster jets that fit on the bottom of his feet. In addition, the wings, two head sculpts, and acrylic figure stand and logo base are also included. The acrylic display stand slides into the base after the peg on the base is removed, and Batman Beyond can be placed in a flying position to showcase the jets.

Overall, Batman Beyond is an incredible detailed figure with tons of sculpted details, strong paint applications and great accessories that fans will love. We particularly like the sculpted details on this figure, as well as the great likeness.


What The MU Review Website says about the Summer 2018 Exclusive Batman Beyond Action Figure

Mezco One:12 Summer 2018 Exclusive Batman Beyond

Those crazy kids at Mezco are at it again, crafting that plastic and cloth crack that all of us collectors love.  For SDCC 2018, or “Summer Exclusive” as they say, Mezco has released two Mezco One:12 figures.  This stunning Batman Beyond, and a new version of their much sought after Punisher, Special Ops Edition.  Now…this post is about the Batman Beyond. Unfortunately, the Punisher popped up and went into a non-purchasable tailspin within seconds of going live at  C’est la vie.  I am really excited to be able to share Batman Beyond with you though, because he’s pretty un-freakin-believable.  Mezco has become like Apple (or Samsung, or Sony, or wherever your tech fanboy lives), in that each figure they put out is invariably, and unarguably better than all that came before it.  They are a company that is moving forward, and that very clearly learns from everything that they do, and applies the knowledge to a better product with each iteration.  Sounds like that’s the way it should work across the board, but in the real world, it’s not the case, so to see it with the consistency that Mezco continues to present is truly refreshing, and brings great hope to the action figure realm.

The Good

  • I can’t even deal with how detailed the outfit is.  There is line work on top of line work.  The fabric is overlayed with, I guess what is probably latex line work, and it allows for a tricked out, high tech looking, stunning piece of art.
  • Face sculpt and detail, just bananas.  On both the main and alt head, the expressions are unreal, and perfectly convey Batman Beyond as a character.
  • That blazing red chest logo.  It’s got this incredible metallic sheen, glimmers, shines, it’s sculpted perfectly.
  • Bats includes his wing “backpack”.  You can leave it off and the back pack has a closure piece, or you can attach the included wings for the full wingspan effect…I imagine most will display with the wings attached, the look it achieves is amazing.  The sculpt of the wings is laser sharp, jaw dropping.
  • Included to enhance the flight effect, little jet effects for his feet peg holes, enhancement achieved.
  • Futuristic high-tech batarangs included, sharp and pointy to the touch, and they fit perfect in his hands.
  • Of course a flight stand is included, as well as a standard standing peg.
  • Additional hand sets are included, closed fist, grasping hand for weapon holding, and clawed hands for slashing.
  • The clawed hands are just unreasonably good looking, and there are a ton of characters that could leverage this, I hope Mezco makes all of them.
  • The sculpt detail on the hands.  Now, it’s just layer on layer, insane. It looks like he’s wearing multiple layers of armor on his hands, and it’s all achieved by sculpt detail, it’s stunning.
  • The feet look like they could actually be made of patent leather.
  • A moment to gush a little further on the soft goods here.  If Mezco hasn’t considered making a Borg figure…now is the time, and there is very little work to do on the cloth goods.  This figure is just beautiful!!a

The Bad

  • The only bad I have, is a bad for me.  Batman Beyond…not my favorite Batman.  Mezco is absolutely killing it with every figure as stated.  This is just me being impatient for a Batman 66′ or thereabouts in style.  Baby blue, grey, yellow bat symbol.  Ascending Knight and Sovereign Knight PX Previews come very very close.  Still, I want the vintage classic look.

The rest

Batman Beyond will be another must have Mezco One:12 figure.  There are incredibly few that aren’t must have, to the point that I can’t really think of one off hand.  That said…good luck…


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