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Dr. Stephen Strange, MD was once a prominent and egotistical surgeon. Following a horrific car crash, he searched the world for a way to heal his badly damaged hands, the tools of his trade. After becoming a student of the Ancient One, Strange not only mastered the martial arts, but the mystical arts as well. He now serves as Sorcerer Supreme from his base in the Sanctum Sanctorum, where he guards the world against mystical and magical threats.

Doctor Strange joins the One:12 collective with a comprehensively detailed outfit and unique character-specific accessories. From sculpted gloves on each hand, to an integrated wire in his Cloak of Levitation, and 2x Eye of Agamotto (open and close), the intricately tailored cloth outfit is spectacular.

Accessories include:
– One (1) newly developed head portrait
– Six (6) interchangeable hands including
– One (1) Astral form projection (attaches to posing post)
– Spell effect- defensive (attaches to forearm)
– Spell effect- offensive (attaches to forearm)
– A display base with logo
– An adjustable display post

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Here are some popular reviews

What The Fwoosh Website says about the ONE:12 Doctor Strange Action Figure

So…. should I tell you up front that I’m not a big Dr. Strange guy, or should I bury that lead?

Aaah you know how it goes. You can be aware of a character for decades, on the peripheral, and then the dude gets a movie and you go “hey, that’s pretty cool!” And you realize the last time you bought a figure of that character was back when we were getting 2ft build-a-figures. You know, that old story.

I own quite a few comics that feature the good Doctor, but I must confess that none of them are from his title. And even worse, my favorite of those books? Anybody here remember DC/Marvel All Access?

Yeah. My favorite Dr Strange comic has Batman and the X-Men in it. Go figure. But the movie portrayal and it’s application of sorcery as almost a form of martial art really gelled for me. And I dare say Strange’s scenes in Infinity War were my favorite of the film, and I’m a Cap/Spidey guy when it comes to Marvel.

So, now that I have disqualified myself in grand fashion, let’s get a look a this figure!

Dr Strange comes to us by way of what feels like a combination of the Joker/Star Trek body and some Spiderman style lower legs. He has the two piece neck, which I much prefer, and great ankle range, but is a little more static on the upper body with single elbows and no socketed shoulder joint. It appears that the upcoming Netflix Punisher and Ash sport an updated single elbow design, and I’m hoping that will improve that range. Either way, it’s too late to help Strange, though he can get just short of a clean 90-degree bend. The lower body is nearly as good as the Spideys we got earlier in the year, and that makes it easy to get him in cool floating, meditative poses. I rarely use the included Mezco stands, but this guy makes a great case for them, especially when paired with the spectral form accessory.

The other optional parts include two different magic effects that snug around his wrists, an alternate Eye of Agamotto (closed), and alternate hands. I sound a little repeative lately, but Mezco, y u no give us extra heads? For a guy like Strange, an open-mouthed “spellcasting” head, or an eyes-closed “meditating” head could have been really cool, and opened up some unique posing and photo opportunities.

Some of that accessories budget might have been needed for this gorgeous cape, though. Wired in the front and collar, magnetically attaching to his chest, and made and trimmed with a great rich fabric, the cape is practically a pack-in character of its own. Normally, I prefer the traditional non-wired capes we get for Batman- they play better and lay much more naturally- but for Strange, and a cape that literally can have a mind of its own, the wiring is perfect. I guess that makes him and Spawn my exceptions. Simply put, one doesn’t really expect to see Strange’s cape laying naturally, so the dramatic bends you can put in its posing really help sell the overall image.

The overall look is very close to classic comic portrayal, especially the headsculpt. Thr additional details on his tunic and “yoga pants,” as the lady put it, give him a slight video game texture, somewhat like his Ultimate Alliance 2 skin. That game was another major endearing element for me with the character, he kicked major ass when you paired him with a couple hitters.

I initially didn’t think I was going to need this figure. I thought he looked great in the promos, but like I said, I’m not at all what you would consider a Dr Strange fan. But he commands such a presence in person, I’m really glad Mezco was able to score one for me. By the way, should you find yourself late to a preorder and there is a Waitlist option available, absolutely put yourself on it. I think this is the third figure I was able to “rescue” this way. It’s a shame the first appearance version is now sold out as well, but this is definitely a figure worth picking up, especially if you can find one close to retail. And pair up his effects with a few of those Legends lightning and energy effects? He can easily take the focus of any display.

SOURCE: The Fwoosh

What The Captain Toy Website says about the Mezco ONE:12 Doctor Strange

Review of Doctor Strange
One:12 Collective Action Figure

Mezco Toyz

Date Published: 2018-09-10
Written By: Michael Crawford
Overall Average Rating: 4 out of 4

Doctor Strange One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco


With the inclusion of Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a whole new generation of fans has been born. But for those who grew up on the comic book version, worry not – Mezco hasn’t forgotten you.

As part of their highly sought after One:12 Collective series they are producing a couple versions from the comic world. Of course, they area also influenced by the tastes of the Mezco designers – it’s sort of their thing with this line. But fear not, they don’t stray too far from the style you’ll remember.

I’m checking out their regular release Doc tonight. This guy is available for $80 from most retailers if you an still find him. He was a popular pre-order, and I suspect he’ll be popular on the secondary market as well. There’s a Previews exclusive coming soon, dressed in an outfit that more closely resembles his look from his time in the Defenders.

Doctor Strange One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Packaging – ***

Nothing too unique here – sturdy cardboard box with a slip cover, and plastic trays inside holding the figure and accessories safe. It’s all collector friendly, and the basic graphics and text matches the earlier releases.

Doctor Strange One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Sculpting – ****

The movie version of Strange actually owes a lot to his look in the comics, and this figure will remind fans of both. Thanks to the high cheekbones, sharp jawline, arched eyebrows, and widow’s peak hairstyle, there will be no doubt who this is for anyone, even if the movie version is the only exposure they’ve ever had.

The sculpted portrait is quite impressive, with the soul patch and mustache soft but realistic, the skin texture subtle, and even nicely detailed hair. Remember, this figure is only a hair over 6 1/2″, but looks similar to work done at twice the scale.

I can’t help but be disappointed that there is only one portrait, however.  I won’t take it out on them here – it’s more of an Accessories issue – but the price point is always harder to justify when there’s only a single portrait.

The hands are sculpted in various poses that work well with magic spells, and the Eye of Agamotto on his chest looks great. This is actually a removable piece, and it fits tightly in a hole in his chest. There’s both an open and closed version, both nicely detailed.

Doctor Strange One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Paint – ****

Again, scale is very important to keep in mind. This is a 1/12 scale figure, not a 1/6, and yet the work on the hair, eyes, and other small details is really impressive.

The hair line is almost perfect, although if you look really, really close you can see some slight blips of black. The eyes are bright, sharp, and even, and the glossy finish looks realistic and creates natural catch lights. The facial hair is perhaps most impressive, with clean edging and subtle color.

Details on the hard plastic costume pieces, like the Eye and the gloves, is also very good. The open eye is particularly impressive, with a glossy coat to make the center pop visually.

Doctor Strange One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Articulation – ****

The underlying body has the usual Mezco articulation, and the costume restricts very little of it.

The shoulders, elbows, and wrists work well together and you can get plenty of magic spell poses. The ball jointed neck tilts and leans, giving every pose a little more personality, and while the torso is a bit restricted, you can still get some decent forward and back tilt, along with the ability to turn side to side.

The ball hips, hinge knees, and rotating hinge ankles (with some rocker movement thrown in there), all work well, and you can get short to deep stances while the feet remain flat on the ground. He’s very stable, and using the stand is only really necessary for jumping, flying, or floating poses.

The best part of the articulation is the cape. Without it, I would have dropped this score a half star, but the wire along the edge of the cape and the collar lets you improve every pose. The cape can flow, hang, and billow in all sorts of realistic ways. This is a key feature of the character, and getting it to work well here was crucial.

Doctor Strange One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Accessories – ***

Yep, I’m bummed. There’s only one portrait, and at this price point, it makes it a much tougher sell.

There are three sets of hands, however. There’s the fists he comes wearing, plus a magic gesture left and right, a flat left, and a wide grip right. They swap easily, and I had no trouble working with them.

I also mentioned that the Eye of Agamotto comes in a second, closed style. You can swap these pretty easily too, and I think having the two versions included, and engineering such a sturdy, well constructed way to wear them is a big plus. The permanence of the Eye allows the shirt to fit tightly across the chest, making the tailoring less of an issue.

He has two magical effects, one offense, one defense. These can be used with pretty much any hand, because the soft plastic wraps around the forearm leaving plenty of space for any of the posed hands.

Doctor Strange One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

There’s a rather unique ‘astral projection’ as well. This swooping, translucent plastic piece is sort of a sculpted shadow, and can be placed behind the figure using the support rod. It’s not a bad look, particularly if you’re going to have him stand on the included base anyway.

And yes, there’s the usual Mezco base. You can use the large, translucent rod for jumping or floating poses, or you can swap to the simple foot peg for regular stances.

Doctor Strange One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Outfit – ***

This should absolutely be a four star score. Ah, but I have an issue, and while I suspect most people won’t have this problem – it’s a one off quality thing – I still have to grade it based on my experience.

I’ve already raved about the articulation in the cape, but let’s do it again. The materials and design are excellent, and the inclusion of the wire is critical. But that’s not all that sets this piece apart. The cape edges are attached to the front of the chest with strong – very strong – magnets. They’ll stay attached in just about any pose, and keep the cape flowing back over the shoulders in a natural way. If you lift the arms high enough it can be difficult, but bend the edge enough around the arm and you should be able to keep it at least close.

The shirt has puffy sleeves which are tightly attached under the gauntlets, but which have some extra length to droop over the edge and cover the seam. I also love the collar on the shirt, flipped up with just the right curl at the edge. There is a little baggy-ness under the arms, but with the cape in place you won’t notice it.

Unfortunately, the shirt is also where I ended up with a problem. The applied designs look great, and Mezco has had great success with this technique. They do it with the black tights as well, giving them some visual, magical flare with swirling patterns. But the center cross on the chest is damaged on mine, with one edge scratched and pushed toward the middle. It looks like during the final processes, maybe even just packing, something rubbed the chest and damaged it.

The rest of the costume looks amazing, including the sash and hard soled feet. The tights don’t have a baggy crotch, and if they do, just pull them up underneath the shirt until the bag is gone.

Doctor Strange One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Fun Factor – ****

Plenty of posability and some very good accessories to give you lots of options on the shelf. The posable cape really adds to this score, and I had no frustration when working with him.

By the way, I used the photo below although I noticed after that the cape had popped free from the magnet on the left side of his chest. Hey, I liked the photo anyway. If I had noticed at the time, I could have replaced it and bent it around his bicep.

Doctor Strange One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Value – **

The current going rate for the regular releases is $80. Had this guy come with a second portrait, I would have added the extra half star to the value score, but without it the price is harder to justify.  Thankfully, the costume is extremely well done and much more complex than the norm.

Doctor Strange One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Things to Watch Out For –

Not much. I don’t think you can easily damage the appliques on the costume yourself, but you should take a little care when popping the Eye on and off the chest just in case.

Doctor Strange One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Overall – ****

Mezco continues to crush it with this series. This release combines a terrific portrait, fantastic costume, excellent articulation, and some decent accessories to capture one of my favorite Marvel characters. Yes, I had an issue with one edge of the costume detailing on the chest, and that bums me out. But it’s a testament to how impressive this release is overall that I’m still going with the full four stars.

I would like to voice my disappointment one more time with not receiving more than one head sculpt with this figure. It’s part of the allure and attraction of the One:12 Collective, and this is the second figure in a row (Justice League Aquaman is the other) to not have at least two portraits. I’m hoping this is simply because these characters don’t lend themselves quite as well to multiple expressions, and not an indication of a change of direction for the series.

Score Recap (out of ****):
Packaging – ***
Sculpting – ****
Paint – ****
Articulation – ****
Accessories – ***
Outfit – ***
Fun Factor – ****
Value – **
Overall – ****

Doctor Strange One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

SOURCE: Captain Toy

What The Preternia Website says about the ONE:12 Collective Doctor Strange Action Figure

Before we get into our Doctor Stephen Strange review, I’d just like to address the slight change in my photography. Not that anyone reading this really cares, but it’s been a big change for me so it helps with my mental wellbeing to just put it out into the universe. Recently, I’ve been in the middle of a relocation which does not leave me with a dedicated space for photography that I’ve been afforded since I’ve started this site. This isn’t to say that my old photography work was anything special that will be missed, but I’m getting old and change is a lot harder for me these days.

In addition to my new photography setup, I’m also learning to use my MacBook for the first time. I’m in such tight quarters right now that I don’t even have space to set up my desktop. Losing that computer, even temporarily, is like losing my home base. Anyways, the show must go on so if you have any fun or useful photography tips I’d love to hear them.

Mezco One:12 Collective Marvel Doctor Strange Review

Doctor Strange is the latest Marvel figure to see release in Mezco’s One:12 Collective line. We’ve seen a steady stream of last year’s preorders coming in the last few months, so let’s go ahead and see if Strange was worth the wait.

First off, the cape is goddamn great! There are figures in the One:12 Collective line that both do and don’t benefit from the tailored clothing. While the clothing or costume can vary from figure to figure, one constant is that the capes are always good. It’s probably a big part of why their Batman figures are so well received, the capes just feel right.

Doctor Strange’s cape latches on to two magnets that are located on his chest right next to the Eye of Agamotto. The cape has wires that run through both edges which make it very easy to pose and adjust. The magnetic attachments help it naturally sit on his shoulders, and the collar is propped up appropriately. Being cloth, it also doesn’t weigh down the figure so he’s very easy to pose and balance. Mezco managed to crack the Doctor Strange cape riddle! I love Marvel Legends as much as the next guy, but slapping a giant slab of plastic to his back never worked for me.

Mezco One:12 Collective Marvel Doctor Strange Review

Strange appears to use the skinniest One:12 Collective body, previously used on The Joker. It’s fine for the most part, but the single jointed elbows are a bit of a bummer. His elbow joints also aren’t visible, which made “breaking them in” a little scary. They were very tight right out of the box, and it wasn’t easy to tell if I was pushing against the joint the correct way. Eventually, I was able to get it, but I’d suggest feeling out the joint best you can before pushing it in too hard.

Mezco One:12 Collective Marvel Doctor Strange Review

I have a couple other nitpicks of the slimmer body:

The joint that connects the abdomen and chest doesn’t have a great range of movement. The hips are decent, but a character that should be in casting poses would benefit from more upper body range.

His pants seem to sag a little low. If they were tailored to sit more snug against his crotch, his shirt would hang lower and look more comic accurate.

Mezco One:12 Collective Marvel Doctor Strange Review

This figure comes with a decent spread of accessories including an open and closed Eye of Agamotto, two magic effects, six total hands, an astral projection of Strange, and a figure stand. I’m pretty happy with what we got here. The head we got is really good, but I certainly wouldn’t have said no to some type of alternate portrait option.

Oh were you wondering where to clip the astral projection? It clips on to the stand, right behind the pincers that hold the figure.

Mezco One:12 Collective Marvel Doctor Strange Review

Would I suggest Mezco One:12 Marvel Doctor Strange?

The good Doctor is pretty damn cool! There really isn’t any great Marvel Legends classic Strange out there. This is one of those cases where Mezco really nailed the character and put the best version out on the market.

Plus the cape gives him an immediate 10/10!

SOURCE: Preternia

What The MU Review Website says about the Mezco ONE:12 Doctor Strange Action Figure

When that Mezco box shows up at your door, you know you are in for a special unboxing.  Well, this past weekend, I definitely was, I got that coveted “your item has been charged”, and then “your item has been shipped” email.  I filled out my pre-sign form for Fedex, and the next day, as the fates had advised, Doctor Strange mystically appeared on my door step!  The good doctor is now in wait list status on the Mezco site, but he’s available in a few other places, and available for pre-order in others.  What that tells me, anticipation for this main line Marvel Mezco One:12 figure is high, the kids want it…are the kids justified in their want?

The Good

  • The imprinting Mezco is doing on these figures clothing is next level science type stuff.  The only thing it doesn’t do is offer bio-luminescence, but I wouldn’t put it past the Mezco imagineers to throw something like that in for….Darkseid (Mezco, call me…I’ve got ideas for days).
  • Speaking of science, the magic effects included, the fact that the shapes are cut into them, plus the translucence, just stunning.
  • The good doctor includes two Eyes of Agamotto, one with eye closed, one with eye open, both astonishing.
  • Ole’ Stevie boys Cloak of Levitation is comic stunning red, with the beautiful goldish lining.  Further wizarding by Mezco, the edges of the cape are magnetic allowing it to clasp shut and also hold well to the figure.
  • The face, my goodness the face on this figure is beautiful.  It’s this ultimate cross between Benedict Cumberbatch’s “real world” portrayal of Strange, and the best iterations of his comic self.
  • Love his sash!
  • Included Astral Projection Doc Strange is not only really cool looking, but the execution of the effect is once again, and as always impressive.  you clip it to his flight stand and it sits above him making it look like an actual projection.

The Bad

  • While I love this figure, I did have a few trouble spots with him, starting with his arms.  I was unable to get them to bend at the elbow.  He’s a stunning figure, so I didn’t want to force them and break them.  This will limit posing, and I’d love to hear your experience, I imagine it’s likely not a widespread issue, but certainly one that I’m having.
  • This second trouble spot is likely universal.  The full length of his cape edges are shaped by likely a magnetic rod inside, so it will always be straight and wont allow for flowyness….that’s a word I just made up.

The rest

The figure is gorgeous.  Just stunning, Mezco once again provides an excellent recreation of a character that is both true to the source and doused in Mezco’s unique vision for the character.  While I am not without complaints here, he’s still an absolute must have, an easy recommendation, and you need him on your shelf.  He’s going to look great hanging out with Thor, Hulk, Cap, Iron Man and all the rest.


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