This might not be my most poseable Harley Quinn action figure, but it is definitely one of the best looking‘s if not the best. This figure is very photogenic and I feel like anyone who gets their hands on it will enjoy it. They really knocked it out of the park with this release. Mezco One: 12 Collective DC Harley Quinn Deluxe Edition Action Figure Is well worth having in your collection if you are a fan of the character. I also feel like anyone could find some kind of enjoyment out of it if you are into photographing your action figures. She comes with a fair amount of accessories and she looks good with all of them. Not to mention you can’t have a Batman collection without having a Harley Quinn somewhere. She looks phenomenal with all the rest of the Mezco’s and this has me even more hype for two face and Mr. freeze. I really want to see how those figures are going to turn out. Now I just want them to make a Riddler and a penguin. I want them to continue expanding the Batman universe as far as they can. With an unlimited amount of characters to make, I feel like it is well within their power to do so as long as they have the licensing. Overall I hope you guys enjoyed this review and if so don’t forget to give it a thumbs up because that always helps me out. Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and make sure to hit that bell icon to be notified whenever I upload new content. Lastly, follow me on everything you see listed below to keep up with my activity outside of YouTube:

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