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I’m so excited to share with you guys the new Mezco One:12 Collective Nosferatu released as part of their 20th Anniversary Collection. This stunning figure is a reinvented version of their original Silent Screamers Nosferatu this time inspired by the original 1922 movie poster.

Nosferatu (Count Orlok) is a vampire from Transylvania who feasts upon the blood of humans. Alone in his castle he looks to buy a house in the fictional city of Wisborg, Germany. He hires an estate agent (Hutter) who helps him find a home close to his own. The estate agent, trapped in the castle later realises that the count is a vampire and has interest in his wife who is now in grave danger. He has to escape to save her. Does he save her or does she die? You’ll have to watch it to find out…

This stunning figure is an amazing representation of the vampire Nosferatu. It has great articulation for all those necessary creepy poses.
Set includes Nosferatu himself with 2 other heads and 2 extra pairs of interchangeable hands. A lantern, his hat, a set of keys, 6 rats and a coffin with lid as well as the usual One:12 stand.

This incredible figure is available to buy from Monday 29th June over at @mezcotoyz

MEZCO Nosferatu Trailer


For any of you vampire fans and all round horror collectors, this is a must have

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