Michael Myers – Halloween


The One:12 Collective Michael Myers Halloween figure features a film accurate sculpt and coveralls as well as an alternate head with affixed ghost sheet and glasses to recreate the infamous “mistaken identity” scene in the film. The figure also comes equipped with both bloody and clean knives as well as a light-up Jack O’ Lantern.


  • Two (2) head portraits. 
  • Over 30 points of articulation
  • Hand painted authentic detailing
  • Eight (8) interchangeable hands including 
    • One (1) pair of fists (L&R)
    • One (1) pair of posing hands style #1  (L&R)
    • One (1) pair of posing hands style #2  (L&R)
    • One (1) upward knife holding hand (R)
    • One (1) downward knife holding hand (R)
  • Removable Ghost sheet with period glasses (permanently affixed to 2nd head portrait)
  • One (1) Jack O’ Lantern with light-up feature
  • One (1) clean knife
  • One (1) bloody knife
  • One (1) Judith Myers tombstone
  • One (1) One:12 Collective display base with logo
  • One (1) One:12 Collective adjustable display post

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What The Horror News Network Website says about the ONE:12 Michael Myers Figure

Halloween fans have been begging for a screen-accurate Michael Myers action figure from the 1978 original film for years. Thankfully, Mezco Toyz has stepped up to deliver a premium collectible that’s incredibly detailed for its size. From the high-end packaging, to the incredible likeness of the portrait, to the bounty of accessories, this figure is sure to make any Halloween fan happy!

I’ve pretty much stopped collecting statues and action figures under 12″ years ago because the quality isn’t always there with the paint aps and the sculpts can be hit or miss. Frankly, there’s only so much area to work with on a small action figure, and fans can only reasonably expect so many details on such a format. However, Mezo is defying all expectations with their One:12 Collective offering of Michael Myers. It simply has details on it that even figures twice its size can be lacking. As I posed the figure and swapped out hands and accessories for these photographs, I was surprised at the tiny details my camera was able to pick up. The figure’s signature coveralls are painstakingly stitched to cover the body and fit like real clothes. This is an incredible feat for the format, and I’ve seen costumes like this look like garbage bags on similar figures. Mezco have always been interested in detailed clothing since the dawn of their Living Dead Dolls line, and their expertise in the format transfers over beautifully to this figure.

One thing that separates this high-end figure from a forgettable offering is its packaging and accessories. As I opened this figure’s box, I couldn’t help but feel like I was in for something special. Mezco uses lots of protective packaging to keep the figure and accessories safe, while still keeping the “mint in box” collector in mind, given the attractive organization of the extra pieces. For those whole like to open their toys, they include a branded clear plastic bag that’s meant to hold all of the accessories in one place. These little details show they’ve thought of everything, and they’ve really manufactured this product with the high-end collector in mind. The tombstone is made of hard polystone and it’s painted with accents to make it look like the real thing. The tiny jack-o-lantern looks just like it does in the iconic opening sequence of the movie, and the lights inside of it flicker in lifelike fashion. Even the stand is top-notch, offering a glossy sheen and a detailed print job on the logo and poster art.

Mezco spared no detail when it comes to the likeness of the figure, and it looks screen-accurate and detailed from no matter which angle you look at it. I was surprised at the quality of the head sculpt, and I found that it has the signature Michael Myers look from every side. This is no small accomplishment, as previous Michael Myers releases (and their respective movie sequels) have always had trouble capturing the essence of the original mask. I’m pleased to report that this isn’t the case for this new action figure. I would be interested in seeing if they could have pulled off a more natural look to the mask’s hair if they used some kind of material instead of making it a part of the plastic sculpt, but it honestly could have come off looking more fake than what we ended up getting with this release.


Mezco didn’t stop with the classic coveralls and the iconic pumpkin and tombstone… tucked away in the back of the box is a bed sheet and glasses so you can re-create Myers’ ghostly appearance in the middle of the film! Just like the main head sculpt, there are tons of hidden details on this accessory. Under the glasses are two eye holes, cut with precision and framing Michael’s eyeballs. It’s not every day that such a level of detail can be found on the eyes of a 6″ figure, but Mezco most certainly pulled it off in this release. On both heads, the shadows help pull off some very expressive looks to those stone-cold eyes.


Despite its small size, the Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Michael Myers figure has a gravity and presence to it that makes it a really nice addition to any Halloween fan’s collection. I had fun trying all of the accessories and posing the figure for my photographs. The box’s imagery is very clean looking and it presents the figure nicely, but this is one that’s meant to be opened up to be fully enjoyed. Fortunately, the packaging is well-made and its easy to put everything back into place when you’re done tinkering around with it.


The One:12 Collective Michael Myers figure is already sold out on Mezco Toyz’s website, but you can still order one from one of their official dealers if you act quick! This Halloween, Michael Myers fans shouldn’t hesitate to treat themselves to an excellent reproduction of one of the trickiest likenesses ever to be captured in action figure format!

SOURCE: Horror News Network

What The Captain Toy Website says about the Michael Myers Halloween Figure

Overall Average Rating: 3 out of 4

Michael Myers Halloween One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco


It’s October, the month for spooky movies and scary tales. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and there are lots of great movies based on the celebration. Some, like Trick ‘R Treat (if you haven’t watched it, go do it now) fly under the radar, but the film who shares its name with the holiday is certainly no stranger to anyone.

Michael Myers is one of the most famous modern horror icons, and the original film was perhaps Carpenter’s finest, although you could make an argument for several others. Unlike the Jason and Freddy franchises, I don’t think any sequel has come close to the original in quality, although we have a new contender debuting this month. I’ll give it a shot, but it’s got big boots to fill.

Mezco has done their share of Myers collectibles, and now they’ve added him to their terrific One:12 Collective series of action figures. This guy just started to ship, and will run you around $80 depending on the retailer.

Michael Myers Halloween One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Packaging – ***

Nothing surprising here, but the packaging is sturdy and very collector friendly. No reason to damage anything, and the plastic trays inside the box hold the contents safely. There’s even a plastic sheath over the outer box to prevent rub marks and scratches during shipping. The white marks you see in the photo below are actually on this plastic covering, not the slip cover itself.

Michael Myers Halloween One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Sculpting – ***

We all know the story of Michael’s mask – it’s actually a simple Captain Kirk mask they picked up at a local store. It’s basic nature, with a white face, slick hair, and little definition, was the perfect cover up for Michael.

They’ve done a good job capturing the look here. Let’s first remember the scale – these figures are small. Michael stands just 6 1/2″ tall. The mask is sculpted as a separate piece (not removable) with eyes clearly visible underneath. The neck of the mask sticks out from the neck of the character, but if you look at old screen stills, this is actually pretty accurate. The slightly rough texture is also pretty accurate.

The head does seem about 10% or so too big for the body, however. This bugged me in just about every pose.

My other big issue is with the hair. The mask had this weird, lumpy, fake hair, and they’ve done a decent job recreating it in the sculpt. But there’s an ugly mold line right along the front of the hair, and it messes up an otherwise excellent portrait.

There’s technically a second portrait, this one permanently under the sheet. It’s not much of a sculpt, however, with only the eyes visible. It’s going to have more of an effect on the Accessories and Outfit scores.

Michael Myers Halloween One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Paint – ***1/2

Mezco is pushing the boundaries with the paint quality in a 1:12 scale with this series. This is another excellent example.

There’s not a ton of paint detail, however, due to the particular character design. The white mask looks good, and they’ve added depth and detail to the hair. The eyes hidden behind the mask (and under the sheet) are straight and clean, and smaller details like the lips and blood stains look great.

The eyebrows are a smidge wonky, but it’s fairly minor. The glasses over the sheet face could be a little cleaner too, but overall the paint work is well above average.

Michael Myers Halloween One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Articulation – ***

The underlying body works well, although there is some restrictions due to character design.

The neck doesn’t have a ton of tilt and lean, thanks to the edges of the mask. You can still get a little though, which adds some nice personality to poses.

The shoulders, elbows, and wrists were definitely tight, and you’ll want to make sure the elbows are aligned properly before you start cranking on them. You can get some good arm poses, but you’ll need to work with the joints a bit first.

The hips, knees, and ankles allow for short to medium stances, but the overalls limit the depth of the stances a bit. The sculpted boots look great, and the two piece design gives you plenty of rocker movement in the ankles.

The torso bends and turns too, but I found it a little tougher than I expected considering the basic costume. Overall the articulation is good, but I couldn’t get every pose I wanted.

Michael Myers Halloween One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Accessories – ***

He has a nice assortment of extras, although it’s not quite as much as we normally see with their $80 releases.

He has eight hands in total: he comes wearing a set of fists, and there’s a set of relaxed hands, splayed hands, and a set of knife holding hands to swap in. They pop on and off easily enough, and I had no fears of peg breakage.

His weapon of choice is a big kitchen blade. He has two versions – bloody and clean.

Michael Myers Halloween One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

He has two larger accessories as well, including a light up Jack-O-Lantern. More on the light feature in the next section, but the sculpt, scale, and paint work are excellent. The design comes right from the movie, including the cut line from the mouth to the nose.

He also has the tombstone from his sister’s grave, done in a nice, heavy polystone. Again, scale is decent, and the sculpt and paint work are excellent.

He finishes up with a standard Mezco stand, which includes a foot peg and a larger, clear support rod.

Michael Myers Halloween One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Light Feature – ***1/2

The pumpkin lights up, flickering (yes, flickering!) as though a candle is inside.

The top of the pumpkin pops off, and inside is the switch and battery compartment. Two batteries are included. I don’t mind having the compartment hidden this way but it is a bit annoying to get at the buried switch.

The carved holes are backed with an orange plastic. This diffuses the light, giving it more of a glow. While the light isn’t super bright, you can still see it in normal lighting (see the photo below), and when the lights are off, it looks great. And yes, the bulb is designed to flicker!

Michael Myers Halloween One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Outfit – ***

The standard outfit is pretty basic – black t-shirt with coveralls. The sculpted boots are the best part, with a ton of detail and a great two piece design. But while the tailoring on the coveralls is great, they are fairly basic in design.

He comes with a second ‘outfit’ as well. You can pop off the standard masked head, and pop on a head permanently covered with the white bed sheet and wearing the glasses. While it’s a great idea, the starched folds and layers on the sheet are probably not the most realistic representation.

The edge of the sheet needed a hem too – it’s already unraveling at the edge.

Michael Myers Halloween One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Fun Factor – ***1/2

Even with a few nits, this is still a really fun figure. I need to come up with a couple victims for him to chase down on the shelf!  He’s going to need a few friends too, like Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface…

Michael Myers Halloween One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Value – **1/2

Eighty bucks is the new normal for the One:12 line. I’m not loving the price increase, but it’s still within an average value range when they provide enough extras.

Michael Myers Halloween One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Things to Watch Out For –

Not much. Don’t squeeze the glasses when you’re attaching or removing the ‘ghost’ head. Otherwise you should be good to go.

Overall – ***
There have been plenty of Michael Myers figures over the years, and NECA has done a particularly good job with the license. But this is a character – and a concept – that’s perfect for the clothed One:12 series from Mezco.  While I have a few nits with this guy, I’m overall very happy, and I really look forward to them continuing the modern horror theme with Freddy, Pinhead, Jason, and others.

Score Recap (out of ****):
Packaging – ***
Sculpting – ***
Paint – ***1/2
Articulation – ***
Accessories – ***
Light Feature – ***1/2
Outfit – ***
Fun Factor – ***1/2
Value – **1/2
Overall – ***

Michael Myers Halloween One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

SOURCE: Captain Toy

What The Fwoosh Website says about the Mezco Halloween Figure

October, at long last. And soon, my favorite holiday will be here!

Thanksgiving, I mean. But, I know some of you guys are partial to Halloween. And that’s certainly true for my buddy FuzzyBlueDemon, who just got his hands on a much anticipated release- cult horror classic Michael Myers. Lets take a look:

If your live up North, there’s a refreshing chill in the air. With Halloween coming up fast, Mezco has released their take on Michael Myers just in time for the release of the latest installment to the franchise, hitting theaters in later this month. How will their latest dip into horror stack up against their typical superhero fare?

Fans of John Carpenter’s classic slasher know that toys based on The Shape are few and far between, so any new release is going to be highly anticipated. Though fairly simple, the black box with Halloween in white block lettering with an orange outline definitely catches the eye.

The make or break feature of Michael is his mask. Get that wrong, the rest is moot. Thankfully, Mezco has faithfully captured the details of the mask in the original film. Owing his likeness to a modified 70’s Captain Kirk mask, the distinctive shape of his cheeks and the droop of his mouth definitely evoke his on screen counterpoint. The hair feels a bit overly busy, but I concede sculpting hair stands in this scale is always tricky.

On to the rest of the figure, the big news is that he can move! Every previous Myers figure in this scale range from McFarlane, Neca and Mezco have all been glorified statues. The cloth coveralls allow him to be fully articulated without sacrificing the look of his outfit. They’ve gone with a fairly idealized version of the character here, with clean blue coveralls and a clean white mask. The fanboy in me would’ve liked to see a charcoal/green set of duds, a little fleshtone peaking through on his mask and a good but of weathering for both. But I completely understand, accurate or not, that a blue jumpsuit and a plain white mask is what most people picture when they think of the character.

He has a few very cool accessories. The jack-o’-lantern flickers like a candle with the flick of a switch, to awesome effect. He also includes a white sheet, draped over a second head to look like a cheap ghost costume. This piece features a nice set of glasses, permanently affixed, to convince Linda she was talking to her poor dead boyfriend, Bob. They also gave him full length jungle style combat boots. It’s an appreciated detail that’s easily overlooked, being mostly covered by his pant legs.

Inside the box, you’ll find:
– Fully articulated Michael Myers with cloth outfit
– 4 sets of hands
– 2 kitchen knives (1 bloody, 1 clean)
– Electronic flickering jack-o’-lantern with batteries
– Alternate head with ghost sheet and glasses attached
– Round base with Halloween movie logo and clear posing arm.

As for nits to pick, I’ve got a few. He’s on the Star Trek/Joker body, so he’s very slender. His outfit doesn’t seem perfectly tailored to this skinny torso, so you end up with the front pockets ending up almost in his armpits, rather than on his chest. That body also means single elbows and stiff shoulders. They get the job done, but a bit more range of motion would’ve been appreciated.

Another odd choice involved his hands. On this very clean figure, they decided he needed dirty fingernails. JUST the fingernails. So they just put a little blob of brown color on the tip of each finger. It just ends up looking like bad nail polish.

But the biggest disappointment, for me, is a very obvious mold line that runs right through the front edge of his hairline, directly above his forehead. I feel like, especially in a high end line like this, they should take special care to avoid anything to draw your attention away from an otherwise impressive sculpt.

Despite those few faults, I’m thrilled to have him! Here’s definitely got the look. Once you put him on your shelf, he’s got a presence to him. The figure can do pretty much everything you could want a Michael Myers figure to do, which is something fans of Halloween have been waiting a long time from. Pre-orders sold out from most of the typical sites, so if you’re on the fence, I’d make up your mind sooner rather than later. He’s not perfect, but I’d recommend him to anyone who wants a little supernatural stalker to keep the rest of your collection on it’s toes.

SOURCE: The Fwoosh

What The Toyark Website says about Mezco's Michael Myers ONE:12 Figure

Mezco’s One:12 Collective line of 6″ scale figures has seen a wide mix of licenses since its inception. While the majority of releases seem to focus on Marvel and DC Comics releases, they have been mixing in other genres for fans of the line. Horror themed releases have been a part of Mezco for as long as I can remember. From Cinema of Fear, to Vinyl Figures, to their long running Living Dead Doll line up, Mezco is one of a few mainstream companies that has consistently kept horror collectibles on the market. Their One:12 Collective line of figures has been slowly gaining more and more cult and horror licenses. From Frankenstein, to Evil Dead, to Friday the 13th and Dawn of the Dead, there’s a nice assortment of Horror figures in this fan favorite style.

One of the biggest surprises was when Mezco debuted their Halloween – Michael Myers Figure back at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. It had been some time since a classic style Michael Myers had been on the market, and horror fans were starved for anything they could get their hands on. The figure initially went up for pre-order on Halloween 2017, and has long since been sold out. The figure, though, has now been released and we have a full photo shoot and review. We picked up the figure from sponsor Dorkside Toys. See the photos and more after the jump.

Halloween – Michael Myers One:12 Collective Figure by Mezco Toyz


  • Great to see a classic version of The Shape
  • Strong head sculpt
  • Plenty of interchangeable hands
  • Good accessories
  • Included pumpkin lights up
  • Great articulation
  • Nicely scaled cloth outfit
  • The sheet ghost look is handled really well


  • Feels like it could have been a tad bit taller

The Michael Myers figure is packed in Mezco’s standard One:12 Collective packaging. The box features a cardboard slip cover that, when removed, showcases a large window to view the figure and accessories inside. The back of the slipcover details everything that is included with the release. Michael Myers sits on a plastic tray with no twist ties used. The figure can be placed back in for easy storage as needed. The figure includes multiple interchangeable hands, a knife, a bloody knife, a Judith Myers tombstone, a light up Pumpkin (with batteries included), a “Bob” Ghost sheet, and a figure stand.

Right out of the box, the first thing most fans are going to gravitate to is the head sculpt. As Michael Myers wears a classic rubber Halloween mask, it’s important for any company to have that look correct. Not only does it have to look like a mask, it has to look like a 1970’s William Shatner mask, something that not all companies have been able to achieve. Thankfully, Mezco knocked it out of the park in my opinion. The portrait is the highlight of the figure, and in film style lighting looks spot on to what I expected.The eyes are perfectly sunken in and easy to hide in shadows. The paint work on the head is excellent as well, with very subtle washes throughout, and nice transitional colors in the sculpted hair of the mask. Another nice paint touch can be seen in the hands of the figure, which have a very dirty look to them.

Michael Myers includes a nice assortment of film themed accessories. The numerous hands swap out very easily, and the small wrist joint never feels like it’s going to snap when changing out the hands. The gripping hands both hold the two knives without issue, and the various poses of the hands make them worthwhile inclusions. The included Pumpkin features a flickering LED light that mimics the opening titles of the movie. The light is fairly bright and looks great. The Judith Myers tombstone is surprisingly sold and fairly heavy for its size. The sculpt work there is impressive, with a nice heavy stone texture and sharp engravings. The accessory that really jumped out at me was the “Bob” Ghost sheet included here. Instead of being just a piece of fabric you throw over the figure, it actually has real thought put into it. For this, you remove the portrait and attach the sheet to the neck joint, as there is a socket and sculpted shape at the head of the sheet, and the glasses are affixed to that. It works great, and will keep the sheet perfectly in place if you choose to display him like that.

As someone more used to 7″ to 8″ scale horror figures, I still found myself impressed with the smaller Michael Myers. As part of the One:12 Collective, Michael Myers is meant to fit in with 1/12 scale (roughly 6″ tall) collectibles. However, the figure comes in just about 6.5″ tall, though he feels a bit smaller than he should. And while the smaller scale may be a problem for some collectors, the figure still packs quite a punch. The figure has about 30 points of articulation overall, with a fabric outfit covering all of the joints. The fabric outfit is particularly notable here, as Michael Myers wears a jumpsuit. As a single piece outfit, it covers all of the figures potential joints, giving it a really natural look as you pose it. The fabric itself is very thing, so it doesn’t look bulky at all, and feels like it’s scaled about as well as it can be. Thankfully, it doesn’t hinder any of the poseability.

In the end, I really enjoyed posing and snapping photos of the figure. I do wish it were just a bit taller for the 6″ scale, but it looks fantastic in person. There’s a lot of display options and great attention to detail throughout. The figure will be hard to track down, as most online retailers will be sold out by now, so jeep your eyes on the secondary market and look for a price you’re comfortable with. Check out some select photos below and the full gallery after that.

Some of the backgrounds featured in pics below are from Extreme-Sets.com.












SOURCE: Toyark

What The Fanboy Factor Website says about the ONE:12 Collective Michael Myers

Hauntober begins with Michael Myers One:12 Scale 1978 introduced the world to Halloweens Michael Myers a serial killer who escaped a sanitarium after being committed when he was 6 for […]

Hauntober begins with Michael Myers One:12 Scale

1978 introduced the world to Halloweens Michael Myers a serial killer who escaped a sanitarium after being committed when he was 6 for killing his sister Judith Myers. Halloween has been terrorizing the big screen for 40 years with multiple movies as well as comics, video games and collectibles.

Today Mezco delivers Michael Myers in 6-inch scale. The figure features light up pumpkin which includes two small batteries and a switch to turn this feature on and off the top of the pumpkin can be removed and the spot for the batteries requires a small screwdriver.  Also included is Judith Myers tombstone, multiple hands, 2 knives one of which is blood covered, stand with the Halloween logo on it and the ghost sheet head yes its cloth and includes authentic movie like glasses. The Jumpsuit is made of cloth and movie accurate as well. For those fans of articulation, there are no double jointed elbows.

Wow, what a great collectible for Horror, Halloween, and collectors. The attention to detail can be seen all over this figure. Even the eyes through the mask look creepy giving it the Michael Myers feel. The Ghost outfit is spot on and gives you another movie pose option minus the teenage girl. If you look into the costume you can see his eyes behind the glasses as well. The light up pumpkin is my favorite accessory when lit it also flickers. My only complaint it was a bit difficult to place the batteries in the pumpkin but with a little patience and a tiny screwdriver, I succeeded. Also, there is a warning on how to place the ghost sheet head on the figure as you do not want to break or have glasses come off.

This is one of my favorite figures to date and he has found a place among my Halloween decorations and will continue to show up every Halloween. I think we might even watch his first movie together LOL.  If you are on the fence about this one grab it. Price point is 80 dollars and considering the list of accessories I gave you worth every cent.  Bravo Mezco you delivered again.

SOURCE: Fanboy Factor

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