Finna got a Mezco, now ya boi can offically join the figga gang. I guess.

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1- Where do you get your figures?
Everywhere. Literally everywhere. Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Antique Malls, Thrift Stores, Flea Markets, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Online Forums, Friends, etc. This video details the answer.

2- Can you review ___? Can you make a ____ video?
I do appreciate requests, suggestions, and video ideas, however, I get so many that it’s impossible for me to keep track of them. It’s okay to ask, but I may not be able to get around to it.

3- Can I have ___?
I do not and will not sell or give parts of my collection to those who simply ask for something in the comments of one of my videos.

4- Can you check out my channel?
Sure. I tend to check out people’s channels if they’re active on the channel, or seem like they may be interesting. However, I’m very picky on what I subscribe to, and I just don’t watch every kind of video just because someone asked me to. Same goes for shout-outs, I cannot fairly shout-out somebody for no reason other than they asked, it would be unfair to anyone else who were to ask and I would be unable to do so. A shoutout from me will not gain you much viewership or subscribers.

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Binärpilot- Norland

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