Daredevil PX Previews Exclusive


  • A Previews Exclusive!
  • Features 32 points of articulation, lots of accessories, and interchangeable hands and heads!
  • A great addition to the Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective action figure line!

Mezco Toys brings to life the heroic Daredevil with this Daredevil Yellow One:12 Collective Action Figure-Previews Exclusive! Featuring 32 points of articulation, this highly detailed action figure comes with interchangeable heads, multiple hands and accessories, and even actual fabric costuming.

Designed from his first comic appearance, this Daredevil Yellow One:12 Collective Action Figure-Previews Exclusive is a seamless blend of a timeless hero with a realistic look. Measures about 6-inches tall and figure is in 1:12 scale.

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What The Fwoosh Website says about the PX Daredevil Classic Edition

“Battling Jack Murdock raised me to be a fighter. And now it was time to step into the ring….”

Hh. Do you guys think if I keep telling myself that “I’m not a line completist” I’ll ever start believing it? It’s like even when I go out of my way not to preorder, or to try to pare down purchases, I’m just delaying the inevitable.

When it comes to The Man Without Fear, only a certain caped crusader can really claim better treatment when it comes to the One:12 Collective line.  With The Shadowland exclusive, the standard red, this “classic” exclusive, and now a Netflix version in the works, Daredevil is very well-represented in this still somewhat-new line. I was immensely satisfied with the first two versions, the Shadowland version in particular really surpassing expectations. And, truthfully, the red version really hits all the right notes, to the degree that I was pretty much settled on old Matt Murdock. The Netflix version threw that askew, and so when a local shop had a pretty good price on this Previews version, I really couldn’t say “no” with any conviction.

As you have no doubt anticipated, this Daredevil is structurally identical to the other two versions, this one with a slightly more dramatic costume. Where the other two share uniforms in just different colors, this one is very unique, and makes for an interesting departure from the style of the others.

Accessories are essentially a straight carry over from the standard — you have two additional head sculpts, a dozen alternate hands, the “fighting” and “posing” sets of batons, the display stand and “sonar” effect. While the hands and Murdock head are the same as the standard, the damaged mask is appropriately recolored, and surprisingly on the batons — with a little brass paint instead of the silver on the ends.

The uniform is, of course, the big draw for this version. Essentially two uniform pieces, Daredevil has a yellow spandex-like undersuit, similar to Flash and Zoom’s, and a more leathery unitard over it. The effect is a little quirky but endearing, which is kinda how I feel about the classic uniform as a whole. The large “D” emblem is nicely tampographed on the top suit, and the stitching is really nice on the edges, as well as on the yellow suit.

Interestingly, I was thinking that this suit would be the best in terms of articulation, but the red version was better than I anticipated in the use of the armor plates. The yellow does have better range in the shoulders, the only part the other two were somewhat limited, but I found the hips a little tougher to work with than those previous guys.  In retrospect, it makes sense- yellow DD has more fabric, and thicker fabric at that, covering those parts. It’s not really a major limitation, but messing with the two side-by-side, there’s definitely a difference.

Overall, this is really just a preference deal. There isn’t one clear winner among these figures other than the design you’re most partial to. If your current Mezco collection veers more comic, or classic comic than the cinematic/modern looks, this will be an excellent addition. If you were hoping to add just one Daredevil to your shelf, I think the red one fills more roles.

Whichever suit he’s got on, this is still a great Daredevil, and an easy one to own multiples of.

SOURCE: The Fwoosh

What The Captain Toy Website says about the Daredevil Classic Action Figure

Overall Average Rating: 3 out of 4

Daredevil Classic One:12 Collective Action Figure by Mezco


The One:12 Collective series is cranking along right now, with a ton of new releases over the first quarter. These include regular releases as well as exclusives, and one of those is the subject of tonight’s review.

Mezco already produced not one but two versions of Daredevil. There was the standard release, available widely, that sold for $80. Then there was the ‘shadowland’ variant, with his black suit and new armored bits, which was also $80.  The third version is now shipping – the classic variant. This guy is a Previews (or ‘PX’) exclusive, which means he’ll be available through most comic shops and online retailers. Again, the price tag is $80.

This is another of Mezco’s own designs of course, but it is based on his old school look, hence the ‘classic’ label.

Daredevil Classic One:12 Collective Action Figure by Mezco

Packaging – ***
As always, the box is extremely high quality stuff, made from heavy duty stock and designed to last. The red and yellow color is about as basic as you can get, but it does follow the general theme. There’s some good shots of the figure on the back, and everything is safe and sound inside the double plastic trays.

They did resort to using the tape circles again to hold the smaller batons in place inside the trays, but hey, it’s a minor nit at best. Everything is completely collector friendly otherwise.

Daredevil Classic One:12 Collective Action Figure by Mezco

Sculpting – ***

If you have either of the other two Daredevil figures, then you have these three head sculpts. The portraits weren’t changed for the old school style.

He comes wearing a stoic, stern looking portrait, perfect for just about every occasion. The sculpt seems a little softer to me this time, particularly around the lips, but the skin texture is still impressive. Remember, these are about 1/12 scale, and Daredevil is just under 6 1/2″ tall. Getting this much detail in such a small sculpt is pretty amazing.

The second portrait is ‘battle damaged’, with one side of the cowl torn off and a cut under the eye.  I’d be happier with this version if not for the goofy mouth – while the down turned edges and open lips isn’t an unusual comic book expression, it’s not one I’ve ever really liked. While getting serious battle expressions can be tough, we know they can do it – just look at the terrific work on the Punisher. They set the bar high with that release, and for me, this beaten Daredevil portrait doesn’t quite live up to it.

The final portrait is an unmasked version. Again, the skin texture is good, and the work around the eyes, eyebrows, lips, and nose looks great. The hair is a bit clunky though, and doesn’t strike me as all that much better than some current Marvel Legends.

The many hands are sculpted in various poses, and they look terrific and are in proper scale. They also swap easily, as does the three heads.

Daredevil Classic One:12 Collective Action Figure by Mezco

Paint – ***

This was a weird situation, where the production paint work should have scored much higher, but due to some quality issues with the yellow cowls, it took a hit. Hopefully these issues are not consistent, and you will avoid them.

Let’s talk about the good stuff first. The slightly translucent skin tone looks great, and doesn’t suffer from the washed out appearance we had with Superman. Most of the edges are sharp and clean, and the damage to the beaten face, especially around the bruising, looks great.

The unmasked head has paint issues with the hair similar to the sculpt – not a lot of detail. A slight dry brushing does add some lighter color, but it’s not particularly well done. But the best overall paint feature on the heads is most evident on this portrait, although it’s true on the battle damaged version as well – the eyes aren’t simply white, but have the washed out, milky blue iris’! That’s the sort of attention to detail that sets this line apart, and if not for a few nits, this would have driven the paint score way up.

Those nits involve several marks and inconsistencies with the yellow cowls. Both have rub marks and damage near the forehead or horns, and this isn’t part of the ‘battle damage’. The yellow edges along the lower face are a bit sloppy too, and there’s some inconsistency in the coverage of the yellow. It’s a tricky color to work with – like gold and silver – and getting an even, clean look can be very difficult.

Daredevil Classic One:12 Collective Action Figure by Mezco

Articulation – ***1/2

The underlying body works great, and there’s nothing unusual or new here.  The ball jointed neck allows for plenty of posing, and the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles all operate as we’ve seen with past releases. The ankles could use a little more rocker movement, but the boot design restricts them slightly.

The only real restriction is in the chest and waist, where the thicker costume does limit the posing a bit. It’s a pretty minor issue however, and you’ll be able to get very natural, flowing stances from the arms and legs.

Daredevil Classic One:12 Collective Action Figure by Mezco

Accessories – ****

If you have the other Daredevil releases, there’s nothing new here. But because there’s simply so much, even with the re-use, I went with a full score.

He comes with the three portraits that I’ve already discussed in detail. These swap easily, and all three work with just about any display.

He has a standard set of batons, which slip inside the holster on his belt cleanly. He can also hold them in the provided hands.

Speaking of hands, there’s a whopping 6 sets!  He comes wearing fists, and the other five sets are sculpted in various poses. These also swap easily, and provide a ton of potential for different looks.

Along with the standard batons, Daredevil comes with a second set attached to each other by a long, thin wire. This will allow you to pose him throwing them, catching them, and doing various gymnastics with them in mid-air poses.  The large base, complete with clear plastic post, can be used to pose him in jumping and leaping form. Add in this posable weapon set, and you’ll have a very dynamic display.

The final accessory is the translucent red ‘sonar’ plate. This can be attached to the clear posing post on the display base and rest behind his head. Or he can use it as a serving dish for Thanksgiving dinner.

Daredevil Classic One:12 Collective Action Figure by Mezco

Daredevil Classic One:12 Collective Action Figure by Mezco

Outfit – ***

We come to my biggest issue with this figure, although I suspect many people will not have the same issues as I. This is one of taste and aesthetic, and rarely do people agree on ‘art’.

The quality of the outfit is excellent. While there are two layers here, the outer pleather layer is super thin and pliable. The tailoring is excellent, and it’s another example of a costume done in proper 1/12.

The belts look great too, along with the holster, but you already know that. Again, there’s re-use here, and the boots and gloves aren’t new either. But the cloth costume – that’s all new classic Daredevil. And while the tailoring and quality are top notch, the look leaves me cold.

Mezco always puts their own spin on things, rather than merely mirroring something from a specific comic book artist. Some people argue against this, although it leaves me a bit baffled. Do you stop reading a comic when the artist changes? When the costume changes? If not for costume variation, there would be no Batman Black and White series of statues…

While I don’t agree with the “it doesn’t look exactly like I expect so I hate it” mentality, I do agree with those that find one costume choice or another less than appealing. We all have our own tastes, and making everyone happy with every design is not feasible. This is one of those that isn’t doing it for me.

It doesn’t help that I was never a fan of the goofy yellow and red outfit to begin with. But it’s the half thigh shorts that are really killing it for me. He reminds me of a guy wearing a 1920’s bathing suit – all he needs is a handlebar mustache.

This suit also suffers a bit from saggy armpits. That’s because the underlying yellow suit is held tightly at the wrists by the gloves, and tightly on the torso by the form fitting red jumper. When you lift the arm, it’s hard to get enough of the yellow material free to fill in the pit, thus creating the stretched look.

But it’s not really about that, or about the quality of the costume itself. This score would be higher if based only on those aspects, but the visual appeal – or lack thereof – is dragging it down a bit for me.

Daredevil Classic One:12 Collective Action Figure by Mezco

Fun Factor – ***1/2

Like all the One:12 figures, he’s sturdy, well made, and a ton of fun to pose and display.  Swapping heads and hands is easy, and working with the batons, either in the hands or in the holster, is simple. I had no worries about breakage or damage of any kind.

Daredevil Classic One:12 Collective Action Figure by Mezco

Value – **1/2

At $80, he’s pushing the envelope. Of course, that’s pretty much the going rate for the One:12 exclusives, which he is. It’s also the going rate for Daredevil, exclusive or not. A large part of that price was driven by the higher number of accessories, but clearly Mezco has offset much of that by producing three versions.

Daredevil Classic One:12 Collective Action Figure by Mezco

Things to Watch Out For –

Not a thing. Working with the figure was easy, and the high quality materials means little chance for damage with normal handling.

Daredevil Classic One:12 Collective Action Figure by Mezco

Overall – ***

If I were grading this figure purely on quality, he’d probably get another half star. I am a little disappointed by the paint work, but that is also where the coolest feature comes in – the milky eyes.

But I’m not grading him merely on basic quality, but on aesthetic appeal as well.  Modern action figures are as much art as toy, and the One:12 Collective is an excellent example of that.  Sadly, this particular artistic choice doesn’t do a lot for me, and hurts my overall score slightly. Some fans will love him though, and while he might not be my favorite look, he’s certainly a continuation of the overall quality of the series.

Score Recap (out of ****):
Packaging – ***
Sculpting – ***
Paint – ***
Articulation – ***1/2
Accessories – ****
Outfit – ***
Fun Factor – ***1/2
Value – **1/2
Overall – ***

Daredevil Classic One:12 Collective Action Figure by Mezco

What The ToyHypeUSA Website says about the Previews Exclusive Daredevil

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Previews Exclusive Daredevil

Mezco Toyz is offering the third version of their One:12 Daredevil figure in his classic yellow and red suit. The other versions that are currently available are the modern red costume, and Shadowland Daredevil that was exclusively available at New York Comic-Con 2016. This classic version is based on the early days of the character as seen in Marvel Comics back in the 1960’s.

A PREVIEWS Exclusive! Blinded by a radioactive liquid while saving a stranger, young Matt Murdock gains “radar sense” and experiences heightened senses beyond normal human ability. After the brutal death of his Father, Matt Murdock donned his costume and became the man without fear – Daredevil. Lawyer by day and vigilante by night, Daredevil is the guardian of Hell’s Kitchen. Painstakingly developed to capture the iconic look of the heroic character and outfitted on a One:12 Collective body, the costume is intricately detailed. The final result is a seamless blend of a timeless hero with a “real world” look. This 1/12-scale figure boasts 32 points of articulation and features an accurate real fabric uniform that recreates the Man Without Fear’s original yellow costume.

Thank you to Diamond Comic Distributors for proving their One:12 Collective Previews Exclusive Daredevil Figure for review. Find a comic shop near you at comicshoplocator.com.

Availability: March 2017

Daredevil is sculpted in a soft goods yellow outfit over the plastic articulated body, with a dark red vest and shorts that are made of leather over the soft goods. The letter “D” is painted in a lighter red over the chest part of the leather top. Around the edges and sides of the vest and shorts (as well as the soft goods yellow fabric) are hand stitched to hold it in place, as this is a high-end figure, we would expect nothing less. Sculpted over that piece is a red belt with two straps, gold belt buckles, pouches on the right hip of the belt, and a holster for the billy clubs. There is an additional strap wrapped around the left thigh holding the holster in place. The boots and gloves are nicely detailed and painted in a similar dark red as the leather vest and shorts. They also have a black wash over it, which really looks great in between the lines of the boots and gloves.

He comes with a great variety of hand sculpts, which includes closed fisted, billy club open fisted, and sets of several different posed hands as seen in the gallery below. The articulation is also really nicely done including key points such as a ball jointed neck, ball jointed waist, ball jointed shoulders, swivel biceps, double-hinged elbows, swivel glove and wrist, ball jointed hips, double-hinged knees, and ball jointed boots.


Daredevil’s head sculpt is masked and helmeted, and includes the devil horns on top, with an additional head sculpts that features battle damage and an unmasked head. The battle damaged head is the most detailed with bruises around his left eye and even the mask and helmet part is cracked, revealing more of his face.


Daredevil comes with two sets of billy clubs, one set that can be held in each hand, and the other set that are connected to a thin wire. What is unfortunate here is that during the photo shoot, the wire snapped off right off the tip of one of the billy clubs, and due to how this was sculpted, it is not possible to fix this ourselves. So we’re hoping that Mezco Toyz comes through for us with a replacement on that. Also included is a figure stand that is painted in yellow, with the letter “D”, an acrylic figure stand with a clip on the end for various poses, sonar posing post clip-on accessory, and a sonar disc.

One:12 figures are not cheap, but they are a cheaper high-end alternative compared to Sideshow Collectibles, Hot Toys, and other companies that make action figures with soft goods. Daredevil is a beautiful figure, and if it wasn’t for that wire breaking, he would have been perfect.


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