Punisher: Special Ops Edition


The One:12 Collective Punisher: Special Ops Edition shows the intensity of Frank Castle’s character


  • One:12 Collective body with over 32 points of articulation
  • Three (3) head portraits
  • Hand painted authentic detailing
  • Approximately 17cm tall
  • Eight (8) interchangeable hands
    • One (1) pair of fists (L&R)
    • One (1) pair of gun holding hands (L&R)
    • One (1) pair of posing hands (L&R)
    • One (1) machine gun holding hand (L)
    • One (1) karate strike hand (R)


  • Fitted suit with body armor detail
  • Three-quarter length gloves
  • Duty belt with knife sheath
  • Tactical boots


  • One (1) handgun
  • One (1) sub-machine gun
  • One (1) machine gun with grenade launcher
  • One (1) mini-gun
  • One (1) rocket launcher
  • Four (4) hand grenades
  • One (1) combat knife (fits into sheath on belt)
  • One (1) large duffle bag
  • One (1) blast SFX
  • Two (2) firing SFX

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What The Fwoosh Website says about the Mezco ONE:12 Spec Ops Punisher

Special Operations missions are rarely without controversy.

During the middle of this last Summer, Mezco JSOC made a decision to deploy a single operative, without warning, deep behind angry fandom lines. This operative would be none other than Captain Frank Castle, USMC-Retired, a man who is truly no stranger to conflict, having allegedly operated as the vigilante Punisher for the last four decades.

Having already worked with Mez command on several other successful missions, including a previous black bag ok that gained both parties a lot of notoriety, Castle deployed over a very short opportunity window, and made his insertion the rest of the way using disguised commercial freight, not unlike the Soviet advance paras in Afghanistan. And here you folks thought this was just a preorder.

Well, if you were quick on the trigger, or heavy on the EBay funds, you might be also staring at what is now the 4th Punisher from the One:12 line- you know, the guys that “only make a bunch of Batmen.” Was he tough to get? This time, he really was. Normally, Mez exclusives mean you show up at the time (the emails will let you know), sign in and you’re done. This one was a pain. Be it due to site traffic, or speculators looming to cash in, or maybe both, it took me several tries to get this figure. Obviously, I’m glad I did, and I don’t blame folks for being a little salty if they didn’t. Then again, I struck out three days in a row on the turtles, so you win some, you lose some.

In truth here, Punisher would normally be an ideal type of variant for an exclusive: he’s been previously released several times, so this one is merely a new “deco” with some new accessories. But as the comments section. Is sure to tell you, this was a piss-poor business decision, they should have made more, scalpers, they’re a shady company, Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. My opinion, based on a decade worth of convention exclusives? People are going to get pissed off about them, period. I’m just grateful at least I usually get a fair crack at these ones.

So, what do you get, if you were able to get it? A fascinating new suit, that feels like a carbon-fiber re-imagining of his classic Mike Zeck suit, a few new-to-this-figure firearms, and a ballistic helmet that, if encountered in 1:1, would result in involuntary pissing.

The base body appears to be the same as the previous versions, or at least parts of it- might just be me, but he feels a little more like the Batfleck body than the Rogers/Pun one- but it does seem the ankles have improved a bit since the first versions.  The boot sculpt themselves is the same, as are the hands, but there are some new forearm parts to make up those short gloves- these can be found on the MezEx Punisher as well.

The uniform is just…cool. I am aware the the term “applique,” in addition to being kinda obnoxious, has become a bit of a cuss word around this joint. Well….This is like a step above and beyond some vinyl accents. It’s practically more vinyl than it is exposed fabric, and this effect just looks unique as all hell. The movement is still solid, acting sort of like the pleather on Dredd, so there’s not any big tradeoffs to get this kind of effect. This isn’t  “applique,” this is almost a sculpted soft vinyl suit. I don’t think it would work for every character, and I don’t see it supplanting the more conventional accents they normally use, but this is going to make “soft” armored characters going forward very fascinating.

The weapons are actually mostly parts from other figures,  though in the case of the minigun, this Punisher beat out the Netflix one to get it first. The clock and M16/M203 are the same we have seen now with Deadpool, and while I like the unique little Recce rifle the first ones came with, this is a fine Punisher weapon. The Gustav and Glock came with Deadpool also, as well as the PX Punisher, but I like the changeup in sidearm for this one. No damn holster, again? That was silly. By the way, I’ve heard some other gun guys talk trash when people call the Gustav a “rocket launcher,” instead of a recoilless rifle, but I recently saw some demonstration videos where the Goose fires self-propelled ammunition types. That means, yep, you can call it a rocket launcher and not be wrong. The MAC 10/11 is a carry over from previous releases as well, but this time we get a removeable suppressor that takes this thing right into SOG territory. This is easily my favorite of the weapons included.

This minigun is something I’m glad we’ll be getting again later, because I’m gonna need these for door gunners. The GE M134 here has a similar heft and size to the NECA one, but it also doesn’t have a rotating barrel; minor downer. There is a feed belt for it in the package, so be sure you look around for it. And of course like the Terminator, the duffel works great as a feed pouch. Another little note on those fire effects,  the new burst one is an awesome touch for this. Since the minigun is basically six barrels in various states of battery, the burst effect cascading down or traversing looks pretty accurate.

The unmasked head sculpts are the same, of course, so we’re going to just take a second to appreciate this ballistic mask. Looking like a selection out of the DEVTAC catalog, this mask feels like a perfect counterpart to Deathstroke’s mask. I’m glad they didn’t use the lenses, because the eye paint is very striking against the rest of the mask. It’s unlikely that a ballistic mask is going to stop anything close to a rifle caliber, but it would definitely help against shrapnel or ricochet, and the intimidation factor makes it something Frank would put to good use.

So, Spec Ops Punisher easily ends up being a contender for the best of the already fantastic group. The only solace I can offer those that missed a chance is that I feel like this guy is a worthy candidate for additional releases, perhaps with dark glove and boots, or some other deco changes. And because of this quality, this gives you lots of options to mix and match gear between the Punishers- vests, belts, holsters, heads, and so on. So hopefully we havent seen the last iteration of the best damn comic Punisher out there. Thanks Mezco!

SOURCE: The Fwoosh

What The Captain Toy Website says about the Punisher: Special Operations Exclusive Figure

Overall Average Rating: 4 out of 4

Punisher Special Ops exclusive One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Mezco has done exceptional work with their One:12 Collective series. Yep, I know there are still haters out there, but it’s to be expected. This series is outstanding overall, but one character has been particularly well done – The Punisher.

I’m checking out the Mezco store exclusive Special Ops Punisher tonight, the fifth figure released based on the Marvel character so far. They started it off with a Toy Fair exclusive version all in black, and followed that up with a regular release version with the white skull on the chest, done as a separate vest. Then they released a ‘deluxe’ version, with a ton of extras (the only one I bought but didn’t review), and finally, they did a ‘classic’ version.

This new version has a number of differences in the suit, pulls together a ton of the various accessories across several of the other releases, and was originally $85.  Like it’s predecessors, it sold out in a heart beat, and your best bet to find one now is the secondary market.

Punisher Special Ops exclusive One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Packaging – ***

Nothing unique here, if you’re familiar with past releases. The graphics are simple but elegant, and the box itself is quite sturdy. There’s a couple plastic trays inside that hold the figure and all the accessories safely, but in a very collector friendly manner. This release has the Mezco exclusive sticker on the front, of course.

Punisher Special Ops exclusive One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Sculpting – ****

We get three portraits once again with this figure, two from previous releases and one brand new rendition.

The standard head has a grim, determined expression, with some damage and scarring. It’s an excellent all purpose look, and the level of detail in the skin texture and wounds is amazing. Remember, these figures are just a hair over 6 1/2″ tall, but could easily be confused in photos for sixth scale versions.

The second re-used portrait is the screaming, open mouth expression, perfect for mid-battle scenes. Again, the level of detail is impressive, especially in the teeth, tongue, and lips. I’ve seen much larger figures do much worse with these critical areas.

Finally, there’s the new portrait. This one is covered in a tactical style mask, also bearing the skull emblem. The eyes are visible under there, and the separate but non-removable nature of the mask makes it far more realistic in appearance. There’s plenty of sculpted damage on the surface too, implying many a battle fought and won.

The other sculpted areas – belts, boots, hands – all look terrific, as usual. The hands are properly scaled, and they are designed to work well with the majority of the accessories.

Punisher Special Ops exclusive One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Paint – ****

One of the key features of the overall series is the high quality paint work, unusual in this scale. It starts with the portraits, where the skin has a translucent, life-like appearance, and every detail – from the eyes to the hairline to the lips to the scars – is immaculate. The well sculpted mouth and teeth are highlighted with excellent paint work, right down to the wet look of the tongue. The eyes are sharp and even on every head, and the emblem on the masked version has the perfect fuzzy appearance, like it was spray painted on by hand.

A great sculpt can be ruined by bad paint, and a mediocre sculpt can be elevated by great paint. This is one of those situations where a great sculpt is improved by great paint, the perfect marriage of the two most critical aspects.

Punisher Special Ops exclusive One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Articulation – ***1/2

The base body works great, and looks excellent in the tight fitting costume. The ball jointed neck allows for enough tilt and lean to give every pose some additional personality, and the shoulders, elbows, and wrists work together to create convincing arm poses. He can do one and two handed gun holds, and the larger weapons don’t create any problems.

The hips, knees, and ankles can produce natural short stances, and even in deep stances he looks realistic. The ankles could use a little more rocker movement, but the two piece boot sculpt does allow some.

The torso is a bit restricted by the plastic emblem on his chest, but it’s a minor nit. You can still get some good left to right movement, and a little bend forward and back.

The heads and hands swap easily but remain in place while posing, always a key feature with a figure like this.

Punisher Special Ops exclusive One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Accessories – ****

Every Punisher has been well outfitted, but only the deluxe has had more than this guy.

I already mentioned the three different portraits. While one of the extra heads is a re-use – assuming you’ve bought other Punishers – the masked version is a terrific, valuable addition.

There are also three additional sets of gloved hands. He comes wearing fists, but you can swap in a set of gun grips, a set of wide grips, or a knife-strike right and a medium grip left.

Punisher Special Ops exclusive One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Did I mention weapons? Yep, he has a few. There’s the large knife that fits in the sheath on the back of the belt, the handgun, the small machine gun with silencer, the automatic rifle with grenade launcher, the larger Gatling (mini) gun, and the even larger rocket launcher.

He has three ‘blast effects’ as well. Two are single shot effects that can be attached to the end of the three smaller weapons. The third is a triple shot effect, perfect for the fast firing mini gun.

Punisher Special Ops exclusive One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

The three smaller guns also have an extra magazine included. There’s no place to put them on his body, but they are handy in the event you lose one. There’s six grenades to go with the launcher, and even four hand grenades.

*whew* That’s a lot of ordinance. The sculpts are excellent, and the paint reflects weathering and wear. You can load all that stuff up into a large duffle bag too, which is another re-use from the deluxe release.

Finally, he has the usual Mezco display stand, complete with small foot peg or large, translucent support rod.

Punisher Special Ops exclusive One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Outfit – ***1/2

One of the features which makes the Punisher releases stand out is the effort they put into creating different outfits, not merely through paint but with design and sculpt. This one isn’t quite like any of the others.

The tight fitting body suit has the ‘tactical’ look, with various pads and patches tightly attached and a high tech texture. The stretchy material allows for posing and applies little restriction on the articulation.

You’ve seen these boots and gloves before, but this time they went with larger pouches on the belt, although the sheath for the knife is still included on the back. This is re-used from the first regular release version, but stands out more here thanks to the white color and tight body suit. My one nit with the entire costume centers around this belt, or more specifically, the fit of this belt. It’s tight, which causes it to ride up higher on the hips than I’d like, even in straight up stances. I might try to find a way to soften it up a bit to stretch it out a smidge, just to get it slightly lower on the hips.

This tight fitting belt caused the only real issue with the earlier costumes on the regular and Toy Fair versions. In those cases, it pushed the chest armor (which was a separate piece) higher up on the shoulders. That’s not a problem here thanks to the brilliant way they managed the emblem this time, but the belt still looks wonky this high on the hips.

Which brings me to my favorite aspect of this costume – the emblem. They’ve done the emblem two ways in the past – as a separate piece of chest armor, and printed directly on the costume. They got really smart this time, creating a rubber emblem that is tightly attached to the shirt, almost like a printed version…but thanks to the use of a different material and the addition of belts and straps, it still looks like separate armor! They’ve added a very cool pocked texture too, and this just might be my favorite emblem design of the bunch.

Punisher Special Ops exclusive One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Fun Factor – ****

All these accessories, all these poses…this is a really fun figure to work with. You’ll find a million ways to display him by himself and with other figures, and you’ll be drawn back to him over and over again.

Punisher Special Ops exclusive One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Value – **1/2

Regular readers know that a **1/2 here means the price of this figure, and the related ‘value’, won’t affect my Overall score up or down. In this case, $85 was the usual exclusive price, and you’re getting a ton of extras, several of them setting this figure apart from the pack.

Punisher Special Ops exclusive One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco

Things to Watch Out For –

The blast effect attaches to the barrel of the guns via a small plastic post. Be very careful inserting this post, as it is possible to snap it. If you have it lined up properly, it should slip in without requiring much force.

Overall – ****
Considering the quality of the previous Punisher figures, it should be no surprise to see this one rank right up there. Sure, there’s a lot of re-use, but you are getting a very cool new suit and a great head sculpt to go with it.  Add in all those extra goodies, re-used or not, and you have a winner.

Is he the best? Hmmm – it’s a tough call. I think my personal preference is still the Classic, but there’s an awful lot to like here as well. He’s well worth adding to the collection, but you should probably assume that about every release, considering how difficult they can be to obtain once they sell out. You don’t like a particular figure once you get it, odds are pretty good you can get your money back when you sell it.

Score Recap (out of ****):
Packaging – ***
Sculpting – ****
Paint – ****
Articulation – ***1/2
Accessories – ****
Outfit – ***1/2
Fun Factor – ****
Value – **1/2
Overall – ****

Punisher Special Ops exclusive One:12 Collective action figure by Mezco 

SOURCE: Captain Toy

What The Toyark Website says about the Spec Ops Punisher Action Figure from Mezco

Those who do evil to others – the killers, the rapists, psychos, sadists – you will come to know me well. 

The Punisher is on the scene!  Today we are taking a look at the phenomenal Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Special Ops Punisher.  This figure is a Mezco exclusive, releasing first at SDCC 2018 with limited online orders shipping afterwards.  I was at SDCC, but never have time for lines so I ordered mine online and was lucky enough to get an order in (sorry to those that couldn’t, I’ve been there).

The figure comes with a new set of clothing and gear, a style I prefer on the One:12 figures.  The suit has a rubber like material throughout, no cotton based fabric.  Different patches and logos are layered on top of that.  It makes the transition into the gloves, feet and head more natural in my opinion.  It’s also well tailored, tight fitting to the body.  It’s really as close as you can get to a standard all plastic figure while staying in the One:12 world.

On top of all that, this is the Spec Ops version – so he comes with a TON of gear.  4 guns, a missile launcher, grenades, knife, extra clips and ammo for all those, bullet effects pieces that can attach to the guns, a duffel bag with working zipper to put all this in, and a One:12 stand with the Punisher logo.  On the figure, we have 3 heads including a masked version with Punisher logo and 4 sets of hands.  All in all it’s a complete offering that gives you almost anything you can want for a Punisher.

Bottom line, epic piece.  I pick and choose my One:12 figures, and am even more picky with Marvel in general, but this guy was too good to pass up.  If you run into him and you have the funds, grab him, worth the cash.

Read on to check out 100 shots of him, both technical and fancy pants, after the break!

SOURCE: Toyark

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