Finally in hand is the much anticipated Mezcotoyz One:12 Collective John Wick!!!! This figure does NOT disappoint! No mezco figure since the Punisher has been this fully loaded with this many awesome accessories! This figure is 100% accurate and faithful to the movie John Wick 2. Mezcotoyz continues to deliver quality products again and again and this figure is no exception. Complete with a fully loaded stocked arsenal of over half a dozen guns, weapons and accessories which are all covered in this video. Plus, the usual extra head swaps and comparisons with figures that make sense and help create ideas for other fellow mezconians. Be sure to check out @shadowtoy photography on Instagram for more photos of this figure and many, many others!! As usual thank you for the support of all the subscribers new and the OGs!! Finally made it past 50! Thank You All so much for that!!!! @mezcotoyz
@shadowtoy photography


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