Let’s be real. Down scale is exactly what it is.. half the size, half the price, and half the details.

I made a mistake a while back about suggesting people to pick up the 1/12 Scale Skarah because “it should be just as good as the 1/6” people screenshot my comments and trolled me with it.

I’ve screwed up.. I been blasted ever since. Setting some records straight and also giving the viewers a lesson in logic and reasoning.

The truth is one way or another all social media influencers are FAKE gurus. This is why people should always do their own research and see things from different perspectives. Never blindly follow suggestions from anyone on social media is what I am trying to say.

In this case I am here to own up to my false claims.

There is a reason why Hot Toys and Sideshow choose to keep their figures at 1/6 Scale.

A lot of the details doesn’t translate over when down scaled and the 1/12 Scale community isn’t exact the same as “high end collectibles” community.

Basically at the end of the day (uninformed consumers) are still expecting 1/6 Scale details on a 1/12 Scale figure at half the price.

You are not getting a mini Hot Toys with a Mezco ONE:12. Same logic applies here.
Those are simply unrealistic expectations.


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